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11 Browsers benchmarked, and the winner is? Can you guess?

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Browsers and browsers every where, as the passage of time browsers are getting better, faster and more feature rich. The browser discussion thing has always been a hot topic. Which browser to use, which is the best, which is more safe. If I ask you, Which browser you use? What it will be? FireFox? Internet Explorer? Chrome? Opera? Safari? or any other? Why do you use that browser? Is is the fastest? the coolest? the safest? Today, I've benchmarked the top browsers in the market, lets see if your browser (if its in the list) can make it to the top.

(Before I begin please keep in mind these results could vary and there is no guarantee that these results are 100% accurate or correct.)

Before going on to the tests, lets see what we have:

The Test System
Windows 7 32-bit on Intel Core 2 Duo (2.2ghz) with 2GB Ram (Laptop)

The Browseres:

  1. Internet Explorer 8 (Sorry, IE7 and IE6 not supported on Win 7)
  2. FireFox 3.0.17
  3. FireFox 3.5.7
  4. FireFox 3.6
  5. Chrome Beta
  6. Chrome Beta
  7. Safari 3.2.3
  8. Safari 4.0.4
  9. Opera 9
  10. Opera 10
  11. K-Meleon 1.5.3

The Tests:

  1. jsBenchmark
  2. V8 Benchmark Suite
  3. Acid3 Test
  4. Sunspider Javascript Benchmark

The benchmark is widely based on javascript and css performance.I ran each test 3 times and took the best out of the three. Here are the graphs, I am pretty sure you will be amazed:

(These are totally un-altered results, no changing no nothing, Promise :) )

Shocked? IE8 performance is really disappointing, it failed in every test even K-Meleon performed better than IE8, and unexpectedly Safari 4 performed really well. I don't think I've to talk about Google Chrome, everything is clear from the graphs. FireFox 3.6 didn't performed as I expected. Opera 10's performance was fine.

All Results compiled:

and the winner is Google's Chrome 4. As you've seen in the graph its performance in really amazing. Its the fastest browser till now. One can't be certain about if its going to stay at the top, as you already know, time after time each browser gets even better. What do you think about this benchmark list? Do share your thoughts :)

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