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Calculate 'time ago' in asp

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Now a days we often see websites that show date in the form of "time ago" format e.g "2 Days 12 Hours Ago". Well, that isn't too hard to create its quite easy actually. The basic concept is to get the time difference between two dates and step by step extract different units of time from it. Here is the code

Function calculateTimeAgo(theDate)

seconds = DateDiff("s",theDate,Now())

d = int(seconds/86400)
if d > 0 then
days = d & " days "
seconds = seconds mod 86400
end if

h = int(seconds/3600)
if h > 0 then
hours = h & " hours "
seconds = seconds mod 3600
end if

mm = int(seconds/60)
if mm > 0 then
minutes = mm & " mins "
seconds = seconds mod 60
end if

tDiff = days & hours & minutes

if days = "" then
tDiff = tDiff & seconds & " sec"
end if

calculateTimeAgo = tDiff
End Function

As you can see in the above code, first I've calculated the time difference in Seconds between the time provided and the current time. Then I've divided the seconds into equivalent seconds of 1 day i.e 24x60x60 = 86400 which will give me the no. of days, now obviously remainder won't be zero, we will use the remainder to calculate sequentially the remaining parts as hours, and minutes. For that purpose we are using the function mod to find the remainder and in the next to convert it into hours and then in minutes. After all this convertion we are just putting it together. Thats it folks I hope you find it Useful.

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