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Function IsDate to check valid date or date variable

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We can check (or validate) the date variable or a date by using IsDate() function. User entered date values in a form are to be checked for correct date or not before further processing. This function takes one input and gives output as TRUE or FALSE based on the input. A valid date or date variable will return TRUE or it will return FALSE. Here is the syntax of IsDate() function.


Here my_date is a date variable or a date itself. Out put of IsDate function is either True or False. Here is the complete code of IsDate() function.

Response.Write my_date & " = " & IsDate(my_date)

Here IsDate function will return True. If we change the variable my_date like this.


Then the output of IsDate() function will be false.

IsDate function is useful where user entered date value is to be checked for a valid date for further processing. Whatever date entered by the user through a form can also be checked by using this function.

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