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Alphabetic Database Display

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Alphabetic navigation of a database provides a unique way to display just about data. A simple for next loop generates all of the alphabetic hyperlinks into the database and an sql statement targeted to the first letter in the targeted field allows for alphabetic displaying of data. Utilizing our database with all fifty states in it we will hyperlink the letters A-Z and based on that input search the data for all states that begin with the letter the user clicked on.

Alphabetic Database Display

for counter = 65 to 90
' for next routine to create hyperlinks alphabetically targeted
' to the current page
?u_letter=&#<%= counter %>;">
&#<%= counter %>;

<% next %>

'if the user clicked a link then search the db
if u_letter<>"" then
cn="DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};"
cn=cn & "DBQ=" & server.mappath(accessdb)
Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

sql = "select * from states where left(statename,1)='"& u_letter &"' order by statename asc"

rs.Open sql, cn
'if the search ends in no results display a
'no results found mesage
if rs.eof then
No states begin with the letter <%= u_letter %>
<% else
do while not rs.eof
'display all observations found

<%= rs("statename") %>
end if ' end check for obs
end if ' end check for user input

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