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Difference Between Iphone 4s & Iphone 4

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Now that all of the details and specs have been revealed you’re likely wondering what’s the main difference between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S? Is the new iPhone 4S worth buying? Have a look at our side by side comparison chart below to see for yourself & help you better decide.

As you’ll notice some specs haven’t changed all that much really while other specs are quite different. The overall look and dimensions are almost identical but as far as the hardware inside the devices you’ll see there have been some big improvements with the new iPhone 4S.






iPhone 4 S



iPhone 4


Processor (CPU)

Dual-core Apple A5

Apple A4





1080p at 30fps, optional iMovie

720p at 30fps, optional iMovie

Maximum Download Data Speeds (HSDPA)

14.4 (Mbps)

7.2 (Mbps)

Maximum Upload Data Speeds (HSDPA)

5.8 (Mbps)

5.8 (Mbps)


3.5 inch IPS 960×640 resolution

3.5 inch IPS 960×640 resolution

Video calling with FaceTime



Orientation sensing

Accelerometer, gyroscope, digital compass

Accelerometer, gyroscope, compass

Primary camera

8MP AF with flash & f 2.4 aperture

5MP AF with flash

Secondary camera

VGA at 30fps


Video recording

1080p video at 30fps (iMovie optional)

720p video at 30fps (iMovie optional)

SIM standard

Micro SIM

Micro SIM


115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3mm

115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3mm


140 grams (4.9 oz)

137 grams (4.8 oz)


6 hours of 3G browsing
8 hours talk time on (3G networks)
9 hours Wi-Fi browsing
14 hours of talk time (2G networks)

7 hours talk time (3G networks)
14 hours talk time (2G networks)
10 hours video
40 hours audio

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Difference Between Iphone 4s & Iphone 4


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