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McAfee Internet Security 2011 For Mac

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We all know that Macs don’t get PC viruses, but the Internet is a dangerous place and Macs are just as vulnerable to Internet threats as PCs. Phishing websites can steal your personal information and malicious websites can download malware that you might unknowingly spread to your friends. With the daily emergence of new and more sophisticated Internet threats that could disrupt your digital life, you need more than the Mac OS to protect yourself, your computer, your identity and your family.

McAfee® Internet Security for the Mac automatically helps protect your Mac from malware; cyber attacks, and safeguards your personal information from data-stealing programs and would-be hackers. It gives you the freedom to explore, download, and shop on the Internet any time, any place without fear of criminals or cyber attacks.

McAfee is the number one provider of Internet security and is relentlessly committed to

protecting and empowering you on the Web.


Features and Benefits:


  • Website Ratings

                 McAfee® SiteAdvisor® software adds safety ratings to your browser and search engine results providing                 analysis on each website. It annotates each search result with red, yellow, or green ratings, letting you know if a website is safe or warns you of potential security flaws.


  • Safe Search

                The safe search feature in McAfee SiteAdvisor software blocks sites with red annotations so users can’t click on bad links.


  • Blocks Phishing Sites

                Recognizes phishing websites and blocks them by delivering real-time protection.


  • Anti-spyware

                 Protects against harmful programs that monitor, collect, and send personal information to cyber criminals.


  • Email and IM Scanning

                  Scans and cleans attached files received from Apple Mail and iChat programs so you can exchange files freely.


  • Anti-malware

                   Protects against viruses, Trojans, worms, bots, and root-kits.


  • File Repair

                   Repairs and removes infections from files without damaging format or contents.


  • Firewall Protection

                  Restricts access to and from specific applications communicating via Internet or local area networks.



Download:  McAfee Internet Security 2011 For Mac



To Download McAfee Internet Security 2011 For Windows

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